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Sway Brands to work with you. Sway People to talk about you.


Swayd, the only Social Media Marketplace that allows Influencers and Brands to connect to drive traffic and engagement. Using the power of numbers we allow all People on Social Media to be influencers and let Brands have an easy way to access the full force of Social Media.


Are you a Social Influencer or a budding Social Media Star? Do you want to create Revenue from your Social Accounts? Do you want to build your Personal Brand by connecting with Local and/or National Brands? If you answer yes to any of these questions Request an Invitation Now!
View Offers from Brands every day: Quickly see offers and have a one click share capability for Articles, Simple Text, Videos or Social Content. Work Directly with Brands to create Great Content: Brand will organize offerings that allow you to create content directly for them in your own style. Make Money! This Application is to connect Brands with Real Social Influencers, easily contact each other and get paid!

Brands & Businesses

Are you looking to grow your business through Social Media Influencers? Do you want an easy way to connect and even collaborate with Influencers? Are you looking to control your content but still use the Word of Mouth power Social Media has? If you answered yes to any of these questions Click Here to Find Out More!
Connect directly with Social Influencers. Put out an offer, define the rules, sit back and watch your numbers grow. Create a Collaboration where you define the rules, accept the influencers and have final say on what gets posted. Track all of your campaigns down to the individual Influencer. See what campaigns drive more traffic and what influencers work best with your brand. Connect your Google Analytics Account to show Real Time ROI from any of your campaigns. Swayd is for all sizes of businesses, from the local Ice Cream shop to large National Campaigns; we have access to Influencers that can help you grow your brand!

For Influencers

Swayd allows real people to easily make money by promoting brands and new products via their favorite social networks. Swayd is the marketplace to connect advertisers and brands to you, the influencer.

For Advertisers

Swayd allows advertisers to promote their brands and products via influencers and then track progress and return on investment. Swayd is the marketplace where advertisers can choose the amount of compensation offered to an influencer, easily see posts, clicks, site visits, bounce rates, progress and use the simple yet powerful tool of social media.

"SWAYD empowers influencers and organizations to connect with each other to drive real and impactful experiences. We focus on letting brands easily connect with real people, publish messages unique to their audience and quickly see the results of each influencer."

Join SWAYD to access the top influencer marketplace on the internet.